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Trade Secret and Non-compete Law

Certainly business is competitive, but that doesn't mean your competition should be allowed to cheat in order to win. Because you need to prevent and be ready to respond to such unfair competition you should contact our noncompete lawyers and trade secret attorneys because we routinely work with companies to respond to unscrupulous conduct by current employees, former employees, and competitors who are willing to improperly compete or otherwise undermine your competitive advantages.

Such wrongful conduct often involves (i) stealing trade secrets, confidential information, or other valuable business assets; (ii) violating non-compete agreements or restrictive covenants; or (iii) improperly soliciting customers or current employees.

Since 2001, attorneys at Shinn Legal have focused on protecting business clients in a range of industries against such theft, as well as violations of non-compete agreements. This experience includes litigating non-compete and trade secret claims involving Michigan businesses as well as companies with a national and international presence.

The focus of our non-compete and trade secret lawyers is always on eliminating these situations. But business clients appreciate that, if necessary, our non-compete attorneys have the court experience to aggressively pursue immediate injunctions, as well as plan and implement a complete trial strategy for recovering monetary damages and other relief that is essential to preserving your competitive position and advantages.

Experience to Lead an Internal Investigation of Trade Secret and Computer Misconduct

We routinely collaborate with employers to investigate workplace incidents and allegations of misconduct involving computer crimes and trade secret theft. We have also assisted employers to respond to and conduct internal company investigations that involved actions that were simultaneously being investigated by local law enforcement as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Defending Against Trade Secret Misappropriation and Non-compete Lawsuits

Our non-compete lawyers also understand that companies, executives, successful sales-people, and other professionals may be the target of an over aggressive former employer improperly trying to eliminate legitimate competition. In this regard, the litigators at Shinn Legal also have the experience to aggressively defend individuals and companies who have been wrongfully accused of violating non-compete agreements, stealing customers, or using trade secret and confidential information to engage in unfair competition.

Why our Michigan Non-Compete Experience Matters to You

The non-compete lawyers at Shinn Legal have significant experience representing both companies and employees in non-compete lawsuits (also referred to as restrictive covenants). While many lawyers dabble in non-compete law, our non-compete lawyers focus on this area and, therefore, likely understand every possible variation and nuance under Michigan non-compete law. If your company relies on its trade secrets and non-compete agreements to be successful, do you want a lawyer who dabbles in Michigan trade secret and non-compete law or a lawyer who knows and understands both?

Additionally, the experience our non-compete lawyers have representing both companies and employees gives us the insight to provide a balanced, practical approach for drafting enforceable non-compete agreements that are intended to hold up in court when you need it most.

Contact our non-compete lawyers about our trade secret and non-compete assessment plan, which includes reviewing your trade secret program and non-compete agreements. Also, subscribe to the Michigan Employment Law Advisor, our free resource that regularly discusses employment law issues, including non-compete and trade secret matters.

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